Looking for a social cause?

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Looking for a social cause to support? Maybe you have a social responsibility mandate to fulfill for your company.

Imagine being a member of a glass artists collective, that will teach youth and the Indigenous?

Blowing glass is a very challenging and rewarding medium to work with. Every time you do it, whether through your successes or failures, you learn something new. The desire to try it again to get it right is what propels you forward in this rich craft.

This is what I want to offer the general public, the youth at risk and the Indigenous youth of the area. The chance to learn how to blow glass or create glass sculpture through glass casting so they may find their creative voice of expression.

As a member of the Capital Glass Collective, you will receive infinite gratitude for helping this organization establish their infrastructure. You will be helping us get the electrical modifications we need, acquire two glory holes and annealers, have them installed and pass the inspections. Once we are set up we will be able to get straight to work at creating new glass works and teaching the youth how to blow glass.

If you chose to become a member we promise that within, the first three months, your name and/or company and logo will be posted visibly as a great supporter of the Collective. A coloured glass tile in your name will be added to the sculptural mobile created in honor of our members.

Within 6 months you will receive a specially designed glass paperweight made with you in mind, created by the youth. Also, If you would like to have custom paperweights made as corporate gifts for your staff members, we can make them too.

If you are interested in learning how to blow glass, as a member you will be privy to special member’s rates course fees.

Glassblowing can be a great team building activity. Everyone arrives on the same playing field. There are different roles to be filled at all times that can be rotated for everybody’s turn and everyone can make their own paperweight that they would be able to keep as a souvenir. Just say the word, and we can create this activity for you and your staff team at a reasonable cost.

The Canadian contemporary glass art movement is still young. The Capital Glass Collective is making it it’s mission to educate the public and our students of the infinite possibilities within glass art, to teach the skills needed to create it and to promote the work made at the Collective through an annual glass art exhibition.

If this sounds like a cause that fits well with your values and or your company’s, consider becoming a member.

30% of the $1,000 annual membership fee goes directly to the operating of the Indigenous Youth Glass Expressions Program.

The Collective will be a cutting edge contemporary glass art facility that will make Ottawa proud. You could also be very proud of the role you played in helping them get there.

On behalf of the
board of directors,

Thank you,

Stephanie Bak

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