CGC Lecture Presentation Series

Capital Glass Co-op is excited to present a special series of lecture seminars.

Presented in an easy hour and a half format at the Impact HUB Ottawa, these talks have been created to inspire you and give you a bit of context of the contemporary glass art movement of today.

Covering various topics, these are the lectures.  They have a certain flow to them, but don’t feel obligated to take them in order.  Pick and chose as you like.

A Brief History of Glass


A collection of Roman glass

Have you always found glass art and glassblowing fascinating?  Would you like to know a little more about where and when it all started?

Capital Glass Co-op is presenting a brief history in glass.  Through images and discussion we will look at the early works in glass, creating a timeline to modern glass practices of today.

Join us at the elegant HUB Ottawa with all of the amenities of a conference venue, in one of the more intimate meeting rooms equipped with a great projector and nice chairs.   Enjoy a journey through time and see how forms of the past still influence the designs of today’s glass artists.

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased here through Eventbrite

Chihuly and Beyond

Chihuly Yellow Bowls
Artist Dale Chihuly

Perhaps you had the pleasure of seeing Dale Chihuly’s work in Montreal a few years ago at the Musé des beaux arts or at the ROM in Toronto.  Or, maybe you got to walk through one of his awe inspiring botanical garden installations.  There’s no doubt he is probably the most infamous glass artists of our time.

In this lecture seminar, we will take a look at the impact Chihuly has had on the glass art movement and where it is inspiring it to go next.

Presented at the Impact HUB Ottawa this presentation will be a visual treat of beauty.

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased here through Eventbrite

Glass Casting and the Potential it Holds


Artist Galia Amsel photo by Sylvain Deleu

Glass casting is a multi-phased discipline of glass sculpture.

In this Capital Glass Co-op lecture we will take a look at various examples of cast glass art work.  Touching lightly on techniques, this is a great presentation to attend if you are contemplating taking a glass casting course at the Capital Glass Co-op.

Presented at the cool Impact HUB Ottawa in one of their well equipped meeting rooms, this lecture will leave you overflowing with ideas of what you could create for yourself.

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased here through Eventbrite