Glassblowing Course Descriptions


The courses below are six weeks long with three hour classes on a weekly basis


Beginner – Mastering the Paperweight – price $570

Making a paperweight will introduce you to all of the basic skills needed for more advanced forms of glassblowing, namely: gathering, marvering, getting in and out of the bench, blocking, picking up colour and using the jacks. With two work benches in classes that run for 3 hrs at a time, you will have enough personal hands on time to get a good understanding of the actions mentioned above and also develop the muscle memory that you will rely on when you advance to the next level.

Novice I – The Bubble and the Vesselprice $570

To make any vessel, you need to have a bubble. In Novice I, you will learn how to establish your seed bubble, pick up coloured frit, shape your piece at the bench, punty it up, and then open up your piece using your jacks.  All this to make a cup.  The joy of making cups; nothing beats drinking from a glass that you made yourself!

Novice II – Gravity is Your Friend! and Working Solo – price $570

Using gravity as our main tool, we will explore the different ways to achieve different shaped vessels.  Whether tall and skinny or short and wide different shapes present different challenges.  Over the course of these six weeks, you will have the chance to get comfortable with these moves.   You know… these are the moves we find so mesmerizing in glassblowing; the “glassblower’s dance”!  As we get more comfortable forming these shapes, we will work out what is needed to successfully punty up on your own. With only 4 people per class, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn how to get your timing just right!

Novice III – Bowls! Bowls! Bowls! and Rondelles – price $570

In Novice III you will get really comfortable with making bowls of all shapes and sizes.  Eventually you will enjoy settling into a signature shape of your own for you to master and become famous for!  From the bowl we will move on to what some people call “blates” (a cross between a bowl and a plate) or rondelles.  These are so exciting to make!  It’s all about good centering, heat and fast spinning!  To add a little more interest to the pieces we will play with using optic molds to create ribbing effects as well as experiment with the use of colour in these circular spun out pieces.

Gaffer I – Bit Work and Sculpture – price $570

This first level Gaffer’s class will teach you how to bring and accept bits of hot glass in order to create glass blown sculptures.  This process will teach you how to work together to help each other make more intricate glass pieces; for example, a fish with fins. We will also play with the challenge of making swans.  I know, it sounds really tacky!  Why would we want to create such nick-knacks?  The truth is, this is a great exercise that is incredibly challenging that teaches you all about the consistency of glass and how to manipulate it as it cools.  Next thing you know, you’ll be displaying them with pride on your own coffee table!


Gaffer IIUsing Colour Rod, Pulling Cane and Murine – price $595

Colour rod can be used to create uniform colour in a piece.  To achieve this you must do an overlay.  We will cover how to do this.  We will also study a traditional Italian technique that involves pulling colour out into long thin strands.  These strands called cane can then be grouped together to make motifs that are pulled out again and chopped into slices.  The slices are called Murine that can be arranged to be picked up onto your piece.  With six weeks at our disposal, we will be able to pull lots of beautiful cane to create our own Murine and then plan out how we will use it in a glass blown piece.

Master – The Goblet – price $595 

The “Holy Grail” of glassblowing techniques to master!  With so many elements to bring together: the cup, the stem and the foot, no wonder it is one of the most challenging things to make in glass!  Once you get the gist of it and begin experimenting with different elements of design, the possibilities are endless!  Working together, supporting each others efforts this will be so rewarding!

A Special Gathering – At the end of every six week period, there is a special get together of the students and their glass work.  This is a dress-up occasion!  We will take time to look at everyone’s work and note the great progress made over the six weeks.  We will share in each others triumphs, learn from the challenges that may have arisen along the way and talk about where you would like to go next with your work as a glassblower.