Glass Casting Courses and Studio Rental

Glass Casting

These courses run for four weeks.  Classes are an hour and a half long, usually from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.  The cost is $285 which includes all of the materials.

Level I

What exactly is glass casting?  It’s creating a glass sculpture from a positive made of clay or other malleable material , then making a plaster cast of it that has a reservoir to hold class crystal chips.  The next step is to set it up in a kiln where it will be fired hot enough for the glass chips to melt and drain into the mould, thus creating a glass version of the original sculpture of clay.

As an introduction, we will look at examples of cast glass sculptures to give you an idea of the scope of possibilities you can achieve using this technique.  Then we will learn how to make a simple plaster cast mould made from a positive in clay.  Once the pieces are retrieved from the kiln, we will explore how you can apply cold working methods to alter the surface of your glass sculpture.

Level II

In this second level course we will learn about two part moulds.  A little more complicated to make we will go through the steps required to make a successful mould.  Once we have a positive, we will delve a little deeper into the cold working process from either grinding away or polishing the surface.

At the end of the four weeks, we will have a gathering to look at everyone’s work and learn from each other’s personal experience through the process of glass casting.


Studio Rental

The studio is available for rental to glassblowers of a certain level that are able to work independently without worry of causing personal injury or damage to studio equipment and tools.

Studio rental rates are $32.50 an hour  booked in blocks of 10 hours.  Rental includes the glass, use of the equipment, tools and one annealing cycle.  Renters must provide their own glass colour.

Full day rental rate is $ $220 for an 8 hour day. Same rules apply as for the regular rental.

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